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Focus on sustainability
RITAG contributes a high measure of responsibility for the optimum functioning of their valves, as it considers itself a partner to industry. To fully comply with all quality and safety standards is an integral part of this responsibility.

RITAG is a pioneer in the industry of industrial valves, supporting the TfS initiative of the European chemical industry (TfS = Together for Sustainability) and has reached great rank and recognition for its efforts in this endeavour.

Precisely in particularly sensitive sectors like the chemical or petroleum industries, the reliable operation of our valves is an important element to the environment and occupational health and safety. Of course this sense of responsibility permeates our own company as well. We make every effort to produce energy consciously and to protect the natural resources. Our occupational health and safety protection conforms to the recognised standards.  The physical integrity and security of our employees is safeguarded as our highest asset.

Last but not least, the continuous education of our youth in a future-oriented trade is also an expression of living sustainability.

RITAG's quality policyRITAG's customers require safe and reliable valves and line-blinds. A failure of RITAG's valves could lead to facility downtimes and thus result in considerable consequential costs. In order to avoid this, RITAG operates a certified quality management system, and has been doing so for over 20 years, which currently meets the requirements of ISO 9001.
All employees of RITAG are requested to constantly question the respective processes and to initiate improvements in order to ensure RITAG's high quality standards.

RITAG's executive board supports the continuous improvement by
- ensuring the qualification of employees for their work task,
- questioning processes in the scope of internal audits,
- providing the required resources and
- phrasing sensible quality aims.

RITAG's environmental protection policyOsterholz-Scharmbeck is located amidst a many-faceted and very appealing natural and cultural landscape. These surroundings are an incentive and command a commitment from RITAG to treat the environment and the natural resources in a responsible way.

The integrated management system includes, along with other management standards, the environmental management according to ISO 14001. This is how we want to make sure that environmental considerations and impact assessments are included in all activities, processes and products of the RITAG from the beginning. We take the collaboration with authorities, organisations and other institutions in the field of environment protection very seriously. Adhering to legal environment regulations is a commitment and a minimum requirement to us that we strive to exceed.

We want to prevent detrimental environmental pollution caused by our company by continuously improving our operations environmental measures. We take technical and organisational measures which help prevent accidental emissions detrimental to the environment, such as e.g. fires or water damages.

RITAG promotes knowledge about the environment and the ecological awareness of its employees by means of internal communication and training. We want to motivate our employees to act responsibly - even beyond our business activities.

RITAG's occupational health and safety policyMost of RITAG's employees have enjoyed long employment with our company and have distinguished themselves through responsible actions on their jobs. Due to their experience and their specific skills they would be very difficult to replace. Apart from the legal requirements this gives us the incentive and commitment to protect and maintain our employees’ health and ability to work in the best possible way.

RITAG has established an Occupational Health and Safety Management system pursuant to ISO 45001 as a part of its integrated management system.

Every single employee of our company also has the responsibility for health and safety measures at his or her work place. RITAG will promptly evaluate any suggestions made by the employees regarding changes to and the design of the work place and will implement these as appropriate.

We are aware of our legal obligations and by means of yearly risk assessments, an active reporting system, and regular internal audits we ensure that our processes correspond to the current legal and other provisions in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety. In order to continuously improve our performances regarding occupational health and safety, RITAG closely collaborates with the prevention service of the occupational insurance association, an external expert for occupational safety and the Betriebsarztzentrum Bremen (centre for occupational health physicians, Bremen). The aim of this is to prevent work-related diseases by means of an ergonomic design of the work place and a reliable early diagnosis system.

We also include visitors and other externals into our safety considerations. By applying simple and comprehensible safety rules we want to implement the best possible safety for this group of people.