Modern Sampling

Safe, economical and sustainable
To take samples the conventional way is not only inefficient. Especially in the case of dangerous media, humans and the environment are subjected to high safety risks. RITAG sampling valves are the safe as well as efficient solution.

Depending on the safety requirements, installation situation, medium, operating conditions and degree of automation, certain solutions can be made available that are matched to the given criteria in a individual way. Efficiency is a must in any case.

Sometimes the installation situation, the operating conditions or the medium require a special solution. Our decades of experience in selecting the perfect sampling system for you will give you the security you need.  We are available to you with all our experience.

  • Sampling valves for each safety level and medium, like liquids, suspensions and solids
  • Representative results
  • Valves for sampling from containers: RITAG Type BAP, cone valve and RITAG Type BVP, cone valves
  • Sampling from pipes, in the cabinet system and with piston injector: RITAG Type EPOS® 
  • Special solutions for special installation situations, operating conditions and media, e.g. sampling of solids
  • Various materials
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Proven sealing concepts 
  • Tests, certificates and approvals

Sampling valves, RITAG Type BAP, cone version and Sampling valve RITAG Type BVP, piston version
The RITAG cone and piston valves are exceptionally well suited for sampling from containers. The RITAG Type BAP sampling valves has been designed as the cost efficient container sampling option from DN 25 on. In this case the cone opens into the container.

A sampling valve from the product range Type BVP operates with a piston. The entire line diameter can be cleared by the return of the piston. Good sample dosing is made possible with a crank or a hand wheel, in contrast to a ball valve.

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Sampling from pipes, in the cabinet system and with piston injector:
RITAG Type EPOS® – Easy POsitive Sampling

The RITAG EPOS® sampling systems are of a modular design and offer a wide range of combination options for all requirements.

The EPOS® basic unit consists of 2 modules: the control unit and the housing in five variants. All EPOS® control units – hand wheel, "dead-man's" lever and pneumatic operation – are all equipped with spring-to-close hand wheel and close after each operation. Strong spring assemblies make sure of this; they cope with these tasks perfectly in conjunction with the standard components. All operating units are combinable with all housing variants. Furthermore, the system can be combined with accessories like adapters, containment tanks, piston injector, heating jacket, laboratory bottles in various sizes and much more.

When the medium itself constitutes a seizable risk for the operator and / or the environment, or if the medium itself has to be protected from outside influences (e.g. oxygen injection), the EPOS® cabinet system and the EPOS® piston injector are to be recommended.

The EPOS® cabinet system has a special locking mechanism: the cabinet will stay locked during the sampling process and the bottle is sealed from the outside. After opening the door, the bottle can be safely removed. In addition, it is possible to rinse the bottle, as well as the cabinet system with nitrogen before any sampling takes place.

The large EPOS® piston injector has self-locking threading, which makes a rebound of the piston practically impossible in the injector under pressure. The large EPOS® piston injector closes itself off by means of a spring-to-close hand wheel after sampling has been completed.

  • Numerous combination possibilities
  • No-dead-space design
  • Bayonet sockets for quick accessories exchanges
  • Five housing variants:
    • Flange design
    • Flange design, completely made from special alloys such as Titan or Hastelloy
    • Wafer design
    • Wafer design, made completely from special alloys, such as Titan or Hastelloy
    • Flange design for vertical mounting
  • TA - Luft compliant version (also possible with a bellows-type seal)
  • Stroke limiter, adjustable and sealable (for lever operation)
  • Lockable controls
  • Enclosure system for toxic media
  • No-dead-space piston injector for toxic media

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