Testing pressures to 1000 bar

The RITAG valve test facilities
The industry applies pressure. In the truest sense of the word. Especially in the oil and gas industries, but also in other sectors; the trend is to ever higher pressures and nominal diameters. RITAG is ideally suited for these situations. We are not only able to manufacture the valves, but we can also test them according to all recognised international norms and standards. This is guaranteed by 3 valve test facilities, whereby test facility 1 is recognised to be the largest and most modern of its kind in Germany.

The technical data of this "power pack" is more than impressive, even for experts in the industry: Since its own net weight is 45 tons, the test facility is able to clamp in valves withstanding a force of 9000 kN. That corresponds to a weight of 900 tons. In comparison: to equal such a weight one would have to load 180 full-grown elephants on the scales.

  • All testing is done according to all internationally recognised norms and standards, such as EN 12266 and API 598
  • Also available for outside companies, consultants and experts
  • Tests and test logs via computer operated testing programs - manual operation is possible in special cases
  • Tests are possible up to the following limit values: 
    • Maximum nominal diameter DN 1400/56”
    • Maximum length 2 m/80” 
    • Maximum pressure level PN 400/Class 2500
  • Testing the housing strength with water
  • Testing the housing tightness against leaks from air or water
  • Testing of seat tightness with air and water
  • Testing of strength of the discs with water