RITAG Clean Service Valves

Cleanable valves
The food and pharmaceutical industries attach special importance to product purity and cleanliness. That requires accordingly cleaning-friendly components in the process chain. RITAG has designed valve type solutions that have been developed for Clean-In-Place (CIP) cleaning approaches. The EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) standards were followed. This group of experts has been setting standards in design consultation verification and certification of cleanable components since 1989.

Our RITAG Type HYPOS 100 check valve was the first product developed by our team of engineers for the Clean Service industry sector. The former EHEDG certificate verifieed the proper CIP functionality of the valve.

Based on this experience with the prototype we designed check valves, sampling valves and bottom valves; their distinguishing characteristics are no-dead-space and nearly no gaps, which makes them especially secure and reliable during cleaning.

  • Clean-In-Place solutions (CIP solutions) 
  • Product cleanliness ensured  
  • RITAG HYPOS 100 check valve
  • RITAG SR 93.16 check valve with no dead space
  • RITAG EPOS CS 100 sampling valve, no-dead space and largely gap-free
  • RITAG BA CS bottom valve, no-dead space and largely gap-free

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