RITAG Quality and Service

You can count on that
The continuing development of high-quality industrial valves has brought with it a deep understanding of the standards, materials and quality requirements. RITAG quality permeates each and every valve. Our vast and comprehensive quality management guarantees it.

Clear structures, stable, IT networked processes and the use of state-of-the-art tools are all part of it. And above all: a dedicated team that applies its know-how wisely.

Testing, approvals and certificates underline the importance we place on quality. An intelligent logistics system ensures on-schedule deliveries.

  • "Made in Germany" product quality 
  • Seamless quality assurance in accordance with the standards and certifications
  • IT networking and electronic workflow
  • Highly trained and experienced professionals
  • Outstanding project management and well structured project implementation
    • PIM Pre-Inspection Meeting
    • KOM Kick-Off Meeting
    • BCD Bid Closing Date
    • ITP Inspection & Test Plan
    • TPI Third Party Inspection
    • FAT Factory Acceptance Test
    • FINAL Final Acceptance Test
    • VDRL Vendor Document Requirement List
    • MRB Manufacturer Record Book
    • DB Data Book
    • VDR Vendor Data Register
    • QM Quality Manual
    • IM-Manual Integrated Management Manual
    • MTC Material & Test Certificates
    • IOM Instruction Manual
    • GA General Arrangement Drawing
    • DS Data Sheet
    • IN Inspection Notification
    • IRN Inspection Release Note
    • SRN Shipping Release Note
    • NCR Non-Conformity Report
    • PPR Project Progress Report
    • PS Project Schedule
    • SSL Sub Supplier List
    • MOS Material Order Status
    • WPS Welding Procedure Specification
    • PQR Procedure for Qualification Record
    • HTR Forming and Heat Treatment Procedure
    • PWHT Post Weld Heat Treatment
    • IFS Instructions for Storage
    • CRA Corrosion Allowance
    • COC Certificate of Compliance
    • COO Certificate of Origin
    • SPIR Spare Parts Interchangeable Record
    • PACK Packing Procedure
    • DT Document Transmittal
  • State-of-the-art tools, processes and technologies
  • Intelligent logistics
  • Commitment to on-time delivery